My journey through infertility

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monitoring update

I had my first monitoring appt. yesterday.  I have 5 follicles currently measuring over 1cm, with a few getting close and a bunch of little stragglers.  My estradiol levels were good so my RE has me continuing with the same dose with another monitoring appt. tomorrow morning.  I'm crossing my fingers that some of those follicles slow down a little so I don't have to worry about over responding.

Also, I am going to a friends cabin in a few weeks, which I just looked at my chart and realized will most likely be right around test time ( assuming we make it to IUI).  I have this ridiculous vision in my head now of me sitting in the outhouse with a flashlight and an HPT (cause you know I am not going to wait until I get home).

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  1. This is too funny about the outhouse and a HPT!!! You crack me up girl!! Hope your appt went good today!! So ready for baby btay!!