My journey through infertility

Monday, January 31, 2011

More crap

One of these days something good will happen for me to blog about.  Today is not that day.  My car is once again in the shop.  We had to have it towed because the alternator is completely dead.  There was no way that car was driving anywhere.  By the time this is paid for we will have spent over $1,000 in one month on this car, and it is only 5 years old.  Our 17 year old Honda is still kicking but our 5 year old Ford just can't seem to get it together.   I guess I can't really blame the car for getting rear ended, but I'm still pretty darn irritated at American cars.  Of course I am only a few thousand miles out of the warranty.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Met with my RE today

I scheduled a sit down with my RE so we could go over where we are at and if any changes need to be made.  After some discussion, he agreed that my vaginismus may be interfering with the getting pregnant, so we are going to be doing IUI for a few cycles in hopes of helping the little swimmers get closer to their final destination.   We got in early enough that we can do IUI this cycle, so we should be able to have 3 good IUI attempts on the Clomid.

The scary news.  If the IUI doesn't work, my next steps are a bit frightening.  First thing is I would have to have a laparoscopy.  It is an outpatient operation, but I'm really not thrilled at the idea of minor surgery.  The next step would be moving onto injectibles.  The odds of multiples are huge with the injects so I am really hoping we don't end up having to go that far.  My doctor told me 1 in 4 end up with twins, which wouldn't be terrible, but 1 in 20 end up with triplets. thanks.  I know we could handle three, but the health risks for everyone involved with triplets freaks me out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I hate being sick

I started a new cycle yesterday, and boy could I tell.   I was a mad woman yesterday with the hormonal rage.   That combined with the nasty head cold I have...again...made for a pretty miserable day yesterday and today.  I'm going to talk to the doctor because every time they have had me take progesterone I have ended up with this same nasty head cold.  There is definitely a correlation, I'm hoping they don't just look at me like a mad woman.  My primary doctor did say hormone treatments can lower immunity, so maybe I just need to add some extra vitamins to my pre-natal or something to boost my immunity. 

Update on the car - still no car.  I called the shop yesterday and they said it will hopefully be going to paint today, I'm assuming that means it will be ready tomorrow, but who knows.  I am really getting sick of having no car.  I do not live in an area with public transit so I've been relying on my husband to drive me around, and it sucks.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid car

I called to check on the status of my car in the shop.  They told me it won't be ready until middle of next week.  Unfortunately my rental car is only covered until Saturday.  Time to beg and plead and whine at friends and family for rides I guess.   I can't wait until I can have my own car back.  The little Kia from the rental place is just not the same.

In baby news, I am in my two week wait again, this time my chart actually looks like a chart should.  I am starting to actually get my hopes up this time.  That never leads to good things.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More good news

My husband got the results back from his SA, and his numbers are all good.  Huge sigh of relief.  This means that our main problem with TTC is getting me to ovulate, and the clomid seems to have that under control.  Hooray!!!  I am really hoping this cycle is it, because I may start losing friends if I have to stay on the Clomid.  I have absolutely zero patience for anyone.  

In other news, I am contemplating going to GA for my cousin's wedding in May.  I have never been down there, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go somewhere I've never been.  My husband has also mentioned a possible trip to Dallas or Washington to visit some of his family.  I may be getting some good travel miles in this year.  I'm excited as I have not been to any of these places.  I also have a friend who will probably be getting married this year, and I'll get to travel to her wedding.  yay!  I better start hoarding vacation time now.