My journey through infertility

Friday, August 26, 2011

laparoscopy is scheduled

I met with my RE on Tuesday, and his recommendation was to do a laparoscopy and make sure everything is good to go before we start the process of IVF.    So the surgery is scheduled for September 29th and I'm already freaking out.  Luckily they got me scheduled for a Thursday so I should only need to take 2 days off of work.   I actually am really hoping they find something that will explain our lack of success.  If he is able to find something and remove it, we are going to give IUI a few more tries.  I'll take IUI over IVF any day.  


  1. Good luck! September 29th will be here and gone before you know it. Let me know if you want lap pre/post op tips.

  2. Good luck! I just had mine last week. If you need any tips just ask!

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