My journey through infertility

Monday, October 31, 2011

One week into Operation Weight Loss

I lost half a pound.  I'll be honest, I'm seriously cranky about this.  I woke up to pants that were snug, and only a tiny little loss on the scale.   The only thing keeping me from a full on rage is that I'm pretty sure that I can blame hormone bloat.  I did cheat and have 2 Pepsi's over the weekend so I'll have to try a lot harder this week.  Knowing me, if I don't see a little bit better results after this week I'll give up. 


  1. Btay dont give up love. Its good to lose weight slow. That just means it will stay off longer.

  2. one week isn't much. Remember Pounds don't reflect weight loss. Try taking weekly measurements as well...that should show you more results that you are looking for!