My journey through infertility

Friday, December 30, 2011

So we are starting IVF soon

After some discussion, we decided to pass on the additional testing with the uro.  We felt that we would end up at IVF anyways so might as well get there sooner.  We have a few more tests to run and we have to wait for the money to come through but we are looking to start early to mid January.    We also decided that we will most likely only give this one shot.  It is a lot of money and the odds of success go down after one unsuccessful cycle.  We will do the one cycle and how ever many cycles it will take to use up any frosties we may get.  After that we are going to work on saving as much money as we can so that in a few years we will be in a place where adoption is feasible.


  1. Thinking of you both as you start the IVF journey. My husband I will be there shortly, as well.

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