My journey through infertility

Thursday, February 17, 2011

BFN - no suprise here

I woke up this morning to a temp drop and a negative test, and spotting started this afternoon.  Looks like IUI #1 was a bust.  I was expecting it, but it still stung a bit this morning, especially since I've watched so many girls move on the past few weeks.  I am going to try and get an appt to go in tomorrow and talk about plans for the next cycle.  I feel like we need to do something different, but with my doctor out of town the next 3 weeks I don't really know if different will be an option this cycle.   Assuming I am cyst free I will most likely start Clomid round 5 next week.   Come on Thanksgiving baby!!!


  1. **hugs** I'm sorry hun. Good luck!

  2. ((huge hugs)) Got my fingers crossed for you to have a Turkey baby!!

  3. ((hugs)) Sorry to hear this btay! I hope you are able to get an appointment and can come up with a new plan befire your doctor goes away. Good Luck!