My journey through infertility

Friday, February 4, 2011

First IUI is done

I'm not feeling super optimistic, I feel like we may have gotten in a smidge too late since my temp spiked this morning showing I most likely ovulated yesterday, but my RE said we are definitely still good on timing, so I guess there is hope.  The actual procedure was painless minus the stupid speculum.  It was about 1 minute from legs in stirrups to completion so not too bad at all.  Cramping so far has been minimal, it feels more like gas than anything.   He didn't give my husband's numbers, but he did say the sample was good enough so that is really all that matters.  So now I sit and try not to obsess for 2 weeks. 

Side note, I am celebrating my birthday early, so tomorrow I plan on doing absolutely nothing all day.  I will be in my pjs catching up on the dvr and watching season 2 of Glee in preparation for the big post superbowl show.  I am so excited to have a day of nothing.  I will probably have to get dressed at some point because my husband wants to take me to dinner, but I can stay in pjs until at leat 5 pm, which sounds pretty rock star to me.


  1. So happy that things went well.

    Happy (early) Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

  2. Good luck to you!! And happy birthday!!