My journey through infertility

Thursday, March 24, 2011

taking the next steps

We met with the RE today to discuss my husbands recent SA (sperm analysis) and see where he wants to go from here.  My husband's numbers came back low on a few factors, so he is going to run some blood tests to rule out a few obvious causes, and then we are being referred to a urologist.  The urologist will be able to tell us if surgery is an option or if my husband is as good as he is gonna get.  Since his numbers were only slightly below what they like to see it is very possible that we will just proceed as we are.  Once we have him all squared away we have 3 options:

1. Continue on Clomid plus IUI one more cycle.   I am very against this plan.  Clomid hasn't worked yet, and the side effects are getting worse each cycle.   Some women just don't have any luck on Clomid and I have accepted that I am one of them.

2. Injectables plus IUI.  He made it sound like the chances of getting pregnant this route are pretty good, the issue with it is how pregnant do I get?  The chance of twins goes up to 1 in 4, the chance of triplets (yes, that is 3 babies crammed in my ute) is 1 in 20, and there are women who end up with 4+.  This route would still be relatively affordable assuming I respond well to the meds.  He said about $1500 for the meds plus the cost of multiple ultrasounds and the IUI.  We are very lucky that our insurance has IF coverage, so for at least one cycle we would only be paying a small fraction of the total cost.

3. IVF - chances of pregnancy would be good ( I believe he said around 50%) and we would be able to control the amount of embryos that get put back in to avoid high order multiples.  The downside is of course cost.  It is about $18,000 per cycle, and we do not have any insurance coverage. 

Since we don't have $18,000 lying around, and I don't want my husband to leave me because of insane mood swings, we are going with option 2.  So as soon as hubby gets squared away I get myself ready for daily shots and uncomfortable monitoring appts. 

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