My journey through infertility

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holiday weekend needs to get here

  I dread summers at work.  The weather is beautiful, but I'm stuck in my little cubicle with no work to do. I should have gone into teaching like I originally planned.  I think I've already gained 5 pounds from boredom eating.  Someone needs to come to my office and entertain me.

I am really excited for this weekend, it will be our first bbq of the year.  Of course the weather reports are calling for rain, but we always find  a way to have fun anyways.  The real highlight of my weekend though will be Monday.  I have absolutely nothing planned.  I can't wait to just open up the house and be a lazy bum.

Those of you who are reading, what are you plans for the weekend?  Anything epic planned?


  1. I have no plans! And I am very excited about that. Probably go to my parents house to swim in their pool.

    I have the exact same problem with summers in the office...and boredom eating in the office.

  2. Usually our summers are swamped, I think it'll be dead this year though :(
    We are going to a house warming party on Saturday evening and painting the rest of the weekend :)

  3. Haha, I also do a lot of boredom eating in my cube!

    I'm going back home for the weekend. One of my girlfriends from college is getting married, and since it's close enough to my sister's house we're going to go there on Sunday. Should be fun, although it's a LOT of driving!

  4. I am working! Not fun, but I do have Monday off. If it doesn't storm like it's supposed to I'm going to the cemetery in Afton to put flowers on my Grandpa's big plans otherwise!