My journey through infertility

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another cycle, another BFN

Negative HPT at 12 dpo this morning, and of course as soon as I took the test the spotting started.  I have to take the progesterone for 2 more days unless full flow starts, but I think it's pretty safe to call this another bust.  My husband is going to call our insurance company today to see how much IF meds coverage we have left, and then we are going to discuss next steps.  My husband wants to try metformin since he has seen some studies that link it to improved egg quality.  I'm back to thinking I want the laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis.  My RE has yet to back us up on either of these wishes so who knows what will happen.

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  1. So sorry :( IF sucks. I hate it and wouldn't wish upon anyone. Thoughts and prayers for you hun! Hang in there!

    Breanna (happilyeverafterxo)