My journey through infertility

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trying again

So we have decided to give the follistim and IUI one more go.  We are basically out of meds coverage so we are paying cash for the drugs this time.  With my luck this will be the cycle I'm a slow responder.  I'm a little nervous about the amount of money we are about to spend knowing that with a total of 4 failed IUIs now that my chances aren't spectacular.  I am pretty sure this is going to be it for the year.  Unless we win the lottery I just can't see spending any more money on fertility meds. 

I had my baseline ultrasound this morning and there are 4 cysts so I'm currently waiting to hear if the bloodwork comes back clear to proceed or if I'll be spending a few weeks on bcps. 

Oh, my whine of the day.  The lady who took my blood this morning sucks.  Every other blood draw they have gone to the same vein in my left arm.  This lady decided to poke about an inch to the right of it.  Surprise!  No blood there.   So I got a double poke.  The only other time I had this lady she couldn't find a vein at all, and she ended up drawing from my hand, which hurts a whole lot more than a little elbow poke.

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