My journey through infertility

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CD1 is near

I am officially calling this cycle a bust.  My chart is disgusting and I just noticed the early signs of CD1.    I have to somehow manage over the long holiday weekend to get in to the doctors office for a Clomid check before they will write me a script for next cycle.  Awesome.  I really really hope they can squeeze me in tomorrow.   I'm at work now waiting to get a call back from the nurse to see if we can get me in, and also if there are any plans to change the drug protocol for next cycle.

This also means that my husband will be getting tested, and I will be going in for an HSG, which makes sure my tubes are open and everything is in working order.  I have not heard great things about this procedure pain wise so I'm not too thrilled about the idea.  I am really nervous that they will find something that will force us to take more drastic (and more expensive) steps. 

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