My journey through infertility

Thursday, December 30, 2010

HSG Results

The HSG went really well.  I didn't have any pain at all and it was over before I knew it.  The doctor said that the one tube looked great and overflowed quickly, but one tube they had to turn up the pressure of the dye a bit before it would go through.  She said this could mean that I had a mild blockage, but it is all clear now.  Great news!  She said I will get more detailed results from my RE in a few days, but I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome.

I also got my last Christmas present from my husband today, which was a psychic reading with a local psychic.  She told me that she definitely sees me getting pregnant, and it will be sometime in 2011.  She hinted that the month of May will be a big month.  She said my husband and I are very compatible and sees us having a good marriage.  She also said one of our dogs has at some point scared away burglars who were casing our house, which was kind of random but one of the more interesting things I heard.  I am sure there was more, but I'm having trouble concentrating today so I better leave it at that.

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