My journey through infertility

Monday, December 13, 2010

It snowed a little bit over the weekend

By a little bit I mean 20 inches.  What was supposed to be a weekend full of house work turned into a weekend full of snow removal.  My poor husband had to snow blow the driveway 3 times, we shoveled the walkway and the patio twice each.  I was very happy to at least get the last little section of wall in my living room finished and painted, but my kitchen is still without a backsplash.  I hope my family won't judge me this weekend when I host Christmas. 

TTC- I am in my two week wait.  For those of you who have never really done the charting thing, this means that I ovulated already and am now just waiting for my little baby (hopefully) to implant so I can take a test.   It is also know as the luteal phase or LP.  The last two times I ovulated my LP was too short to really sustain a pregnancy, so I'm really hoping that the double dose of Clomid takes care of this. 

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